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Imari Robins


Add a touch of sophistication to your christmas decoration with these Imari-inspired paper robins, a harmonious blend of traditional craftsmanship and avian elegance.

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The most famous Dutch pottery is Delft blue. This ‘Hollants porcelain’ originated from an imitation of Chinese blue-and-white porcelain that the VOC brought to Holland in the 17th century.

Around 1700, another type of porcelain came onto the Dutch market: Japanese Imari. The exuberant color combination of blue, red and gold quickly became popular. The Delft pottery makers immediately responded to the new demand with decorative objects in the same colors.

These robins are easy to assemble without scissors or glue.

Built size per robin: 11 x 5 x 7 cm.

Weight0,035 kg
Dimensions18,5 × 14 × 0,2 cm



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Imari RobinsImari Robins

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