Hidden Lives, Public Figures (Verborgen levens, publieke figuren)


(Dutch edition)

When you think of Roman women, you think of Vestal Virgins, faithful wives, celebrated mistresses or power-hungry empresses: the women of Rome as we know them from ancient literature. Seen through the eyes of elite men. But what about the countless inhabitants of other Roman cities? What role did they play in the urban life of Italy and the provinces of the vast Roman Empire?

Specialist Emily Hemelrijk takes the reader on a search for the public positions that Roman women held. This creates a completely different image of Roman women. Seen through their own eyes. As benefactresses, priestesses and patronesses of cities and associations, they shaped urban life and acquired prestige and respect. Their private lives remain hidden from us, but as public figures they left their mark on Roman society.

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Emily Hemelrijk (1953) is emeritus professor of Ancient History at the University of Amsterdam. She mainly publishes about Roman women. Her most recent work is Women and Society in the Roman World (Cambridge University Press, 2020)

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Hidden Lives, Public Figures (Verborgen levens, publieke figuren)

Availability: Only 3 left in stock

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