Guardian Angel Tropenmuseum X Return to Sender


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Guardian Angel blue dress | Tropenmuseum X Return to Sender

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YOUR GIFT  This handcrafted product is exclusively made in the Nepalese capital
Kathmandu and surroundings for our museums. The felt is made from wool that is
matted, condensed, pressed and eco-friendly dyed in various beautiful colours.
By using unique and traditional Nepalese techniques, this product is a small
work of art.

THEIR LIVING  The women who make this product earn a fair wage, making them more
independent. This empowers them to take care of their family on their own and
to send their children to school. Next to receiving health services, they work
under safe conditions and are trained on the job. Your purchase makes all the
difference. Thank you.



Blue dress


Felt | 100% wool


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