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Let this guardian angel guide and protect you. Pick your favourite! All items are handmade in Nepal and dyed with eco-friendly dye.

Blue dress
Pink dress
Yellow dress

These handcrafted guardian angels are exclusively made in the Nepalese capital Kathmandu and surroundings for our museums. The base material of this product is wool, which is matted, condensed, pressed and then (eco-friendly) dyed in various beautiful colours. By using unique and traditional Nepalese techniques, this product is a small work of art.

You can also purchase these guardian angels as a set of four.


This product was produced by Return to Sender for Tropenmuseum. Return to Sender sells handcrafted products made by women in the poorest regions of the world. This helps them make a living for themselves and their families. Since the start of this project, thousands of women around the globe have been able to make the step towards a better life.

The women who make this product earn a fair wage, making them more independent. This empowers them to take care of their family on their own and to send their children to school. They receive health services, work under safe conditions and are trained on the job. Your purchase makes all the difference.

Thank you for your purchase.


Blue dress, Pink dress, Yellow dress


Felt | 100% wool


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