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This book contains 12 sheets of gift wrap paper to turn your gifts into works of art! All of the sheets are based on designs from the exhibition Cadeau Hoezo (Gifts Unwrapped) at Tropenmuseum.

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This book consists of 12 sheets of gift wrap paper (50 x 70 cm each), together with labels and 70 stickers to turn your gift into a real work of art. The patterns on the sheets are designed by Carol Civre, a 3D artist based in New York, and based on a large wall print that can be admired at the entrance of the exhibition Gifts Unwrapped.

Gifts Unwrapped

Everywhere in the world people give presents, at birthday parties, weddings, funerals or as offerings. But what is the secret of a good gift?

It’s exciting to get presents, and also to give them. Sometimes it can be a little difficult, though it is often simply fun. But what do you do if you don’t like a gift, or you feel it’s too little, or even just plain ugly? Can you say so, or is that inappropriate? Dutch people sometimes even ask for the receipt, but would someone do that in Japan or Thailand, for example?

Gifts Unwrapped! is a lavish interactive exhibition where you can discover what a wedding dress, dolls and mangoes have in common. There are lots of differences, lots of similarities, and above all lots of variation.


34x25x0,6 cm


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