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This colourful furoshiki with cranes is exclusively made for the exhibition Cadeau, Hoezo? in the Tropenmuseum. The furoshiki is a 100% organic cotton and hand printed cloth which can be used for giftwrapping or creating your own bag.

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Furoshiki, a sustainable wrapping cloth

Furoshiki is traditionally used to wrap a gift in seasonal designed cotton, afterwhich you would handover the gift in person. According to Japanese culture, these behaviours imply that your gift is handled importantly. Nowadays, furoshiki is versatilely used in many different ways since you can wrap and tie each corner or furoshiki in different kind of ways to suit the size and shape of any contents within. Besides gifts, you could wrap your lunchbox or other items to carry them while making a statement. Or, using bigger cloths, you could create your own sustainable bag! Or use the furoshiki as shawl or mat – their number of uses stretching as far as your imagination. And of course, when not in use, it folds up compactly.


Multi colour




100% Cotton


100×100 cm


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