Fantasia of Color Postcard Set (10)


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Fantasia of Color in Early Cinema

We normally think of early film as being black and white, but the first color cinematography appeared as early as the first decade of the twentieth century. These postcards are a collection of images from our Collection centre.

I could gaze at the images ……. for hours. They are as fascinating as illuminated manuscripts or magic lantern slides.

Martin Scorsese

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This collection of postcards consists of 10 frame scans from nitrate film prints of the following films:

Le voyage sur Jupiter (1909, FR)
Les tulipes (1907, FR)
Hollandse kinderen, (1915 FR)
Famille de jeunes chiens (1912, FR)
Le roi des dollars (1905, FR)
La poule aux oeufs d’or (1905, FR)
L’écrin du Radjah (1906, FR)
De molens die juichen en weenen (1912, NL)
Le voyage sur Jupiter (1909, FR)
La dentelliere (1912, FR)

Are you interested in these early coloured movies? Have a more in-depth look at the EYE film collection here. Or consult the book Fantasia of Color in Early Cinema, available at our webshop and in our physical store.


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