Face to Face. The People Behind Mummy Portraits


Face to face. The people behind mummy portraits (Ben van den Bercken, Olaf Kaper, eds) accompanies the first exhibition on Ancient Egyptian mummy portraits in the Netherlands.

192 pages, ca. 150 pictures in colour


Allard Pierson

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Allard Pierson
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Delve into the captivating world of the Allard Pierson Museum’s landmark exhibition with this meticulously crafted catalog, “Face to Face: The People Behind Mummy Portraits.” Immerse yourself in an extraordinary journey that unravels the mysteries surrounding the enigmatic individuals depicted in these ancient mummy portraits.

Step back in time and embark on a quest to discover who these individuals were, what stories their images tell, and why they were immortalized through these evocative artworks. Uncover the secrets of their lives and the societies that celebrated their legacies.

Admire the astonishing beauty and intricate artistry that breathe life into these portraits. Learn about the techniques, materials, and creativity that gave birth to these masterpieces, and gain a profound appreciation for the artists who skillfully captured the essence of their subjects.

Peel back the layers of history as you explore the diverse perspectives on these portraits. Understand who had the privilege to view them in their original contexts and the cultural significance they held in their era.

As you immerse yourself in these timeless artworks, ponder the parallels between self-presentation and remembrance in the context of our contemporary world, dominated by selfies and ever-evolving identities.

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Face to Face. The People Behind Mummy Portraits
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