Expeditie Zijderoute, Reis naar het Westen. Schatten uit de Hermitage


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The legendary Silk Road already existed before our era. It was not one route but a great web of trade routes. Until the 15th century, the Silk Road was the largest trade network in the world, stretching from China to the Mediterranean. Travelers had to cross perilous mountain passes and through the most inhospitable deserts, but could break their journey in fertile oases and thriving kingdoms. Trading was done here. And here art flourished. There was an unprecedented cultural exchange. 

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The route linked great civilizations such as India, Persia, China and the Roman Empire. The book presents the rare beauty of finds from lost cities, such as murals, buddhas, valuables made of silk, silver, glass, gold and terracotta, excavated by Russian expeditions in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Discoverers who followed in the footsteps of Buddhist monks, kings and merchants. Now the reader is following in their footsteps and traversing the trade routes themselves, in a journey to the West. Along a world of unexpected but unimaginably beautiful treasures.

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Pavel Lurje





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March 2014


De Nieuwe Kerk/Hermitage Amsterdam


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