Espresso Cup Lace – Marten & Oopjen


Designer Sander Luske was inspired by the rich lace of Rembrandt’s Marten & Oopjen. The pattern of this beautiful lace can be found on this porcelain espresso cup. What also makes this espresso cup special is that it is handmade by people with a special distance to the labor market within the Design X Craft project.

  • Size 6.5 cm high
  • White firing porcelain fired at 1280 C.
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe

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Store:  Rijksmuseum

Design X Ambacht

Design X Ambacht is a label with a special background. They develop and manufacture interior and home accessories in day care centers of care institution Siza together with leading Dutch Designers. They look at the specific talents of the employees in the workshops. Ruud Jan Kokke, Sander Luske and Floris Hovers have translated these into their designs. In a learn and work environment, the products are manufactured using traditional methods. This process helps everyone to get their unique contribution in making the product and learning new skills. Through these experiences, the makers participate in everyday life, can be proud and increase their knowledge, development and self-confidence.




Design X Ambacht


Sander Luske


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