Energy cleansing kit


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Handcrafted kit for cleansing and protecting your home and personal space.

Includes: palo santo, white sage, Florida water, chakra stones, energy charging card and instructions. Packed in a luxurious black cardboard box.

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Palo santo (5 pieces)
The magical wood from South America. Only branches that have naturally fallen from the trees is used to make palo santo. The wood ripens several years before the magical fragrance is released by nature. Palo santo is mainly used to remove negative energy, but also because it smells so good.

White sage (+/- 15 gram)
No plantations, only wild picked sage from California. Through a unique and manual drying process, this white sage is very pure and has an intense scent. Traditionally, native Americans used white sage to clean spaces energetically.

Original Peruvian Florida water (22 ml)
This is the genuine Peruvian Agua De Florida water used by shamans (and not the cheap variant on cologne base). Florida water is prized for its cleansing, blessing and protective properties and can be used in all types of spiritual rituals and ceremonies. Florida water can be sprinkled in spaces to clean and protect the energy.
Florida water is flammable, so be aware NOT to use it in combination with the Palo santo / White sage ritual.

Chakra stones
The 7 stones represent the 7 chakras. Chakras are the concentrated energy centers of the body. They are spinning wheels of energy and light. With these 7 stones and your intention you can balance and protect the 7 chakras. Make your own ritual or simply carry them with you. Clean the stones with cold running water before using them.

Energy charging card
Internationally renowned Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto has shown how our words and thoughts on molecules of water can positively influence the water and thereby our personal health. You can do this yourself by using the Energy charging card. The 18 positive words on the card are carefully selected and allocated. You can charge anything you want, also food or other objects. In most cases the water or object will be charged after one hour.


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