Emperors Don’t Die in Bed (Keizers sterven niet in bed)


(Dutch edition)

Few rulers in history have ruled over a larger area than the Roman emperors. No matter how great their power, there was always danger. Based on ancient sources, Fik Meijer describes the last days of the lives of the Roman emperors, from dictator Caesar to the last emperor of the Western Roman Empire: Romulus Augustulus. And of all 87 official emperors, remarkably few died in bed.

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Fik Meijer (1942) studied classical languages ​​and ancient history at the University of Leiden. After working as a teacher in secondary education and higher professional education for twelve years, he transferred to the University of Amsterdam in 1980. In 1992 he became professor by special appointment of maritime history of classical antiquity and in 1999 professor of ancient history. He has been retired since 2007.

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Emperors Don’t Die in Bed (Keizers sterven niet in bed)

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