Een vrolijke optocht op Keti Koti


Celebrate Keti Koti!

When Bas hears that his girlfriend Jume is going to Suriname, he really wants to come along. The villages of Jume’s family in Suriname, she told him, are very special. In one of the villages special animals pass by every year and in the other village there is a creek with water that few people have seen before.

But Jume’s trip to Suriname has another reason. She, her mother and grandmother will be 100 years old together. More importantly, Jume is going to make clothes for Keti Koti with both of her grandmothers. It is the celebration of the abolition of slavery. That in many countries no one is held captive anymore and has to work for someone else for free.

Once back in the Netherlands, Bas and Jume want to pull out all the stops to make Keti Koti’s Bigi Spikri parade an even greater success. Will they succeed?

(Dutch edition only)

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Een vrolijke optocht is one of the very first Dutch self-reading books about Keti Koti, celebrating in 2023 the 150th anniversary of the abolition of slavery. A book with beautiful illustrations by Brian Elstak to read to children from 6 years old or to read yourself from 7 years old.

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Een vrolijke optocht op Keti Koti

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