Dutch New York histories


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Did you know that the famous black American freedom fighter Sojourner Truth was born as a slave to a Dutch-speaking slave owner and spoke Dutch until she was ten years old? Or that the Dutch brought enslaved Africans to North America in ships of the West India Company? This surprising guide shows the traces of the Dutch presence in New York, the city and the state.

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The emphasis is on Dutch rule in New Amsterdam and New Netherland in the seventeenth century, a short period 1609-1664 with a lasting cultural influence. Dutch settlers entering the fertile Americas had friendly and violent encounters with Native Americans. They traded and negotiated deals, but they also fought against them. Enslaved Africans built New York, performing forced labor on farms, in the household, and in the city. This guide invites you to visit many extraordinary sites of New York’s histories of trade, betrayal, violence, survival, profit, loss, religious fervor, ancient rituals, and new cultural forms. Discover a new layer of information about the Hudson Valley, New York State, and all parts of New York City.

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Dienke Hondius, Dineke Stam, Jennifer Tosch, Nancy Jouwe


21,9 x 15,3 x 1,4 cm




Dutch, English



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August 2017


Lm Publishers


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