De vier richtingen een sjamanistische visie


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The wheel of the four directions is a timeless map known in many shamanic cultures. Every possible human experience finds its place on the four directions; they are linked to, among other things, the times of day, the seasons and the phases of the moon and they first of all show us the basic rhythms of nature.

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When you get acquainted with the directions, however, it quickly becomes apparent that the wheel has an unexpected depth. Every possible human experience finds a place in the four directions. The wheel forms a map that helps us find our way on an emotional, psychological and spiritual level. It teaches us to understand how our inner world functions and shows us how we can regulate it, the wheel also gives us a clear view of the world around us in which we have to find our place. Daan van Kampenhout started his study of the wheel more than thirty years ago, making it a central element of the training he provides as a teacher in shamanism. He shows how he familiarizes people step by step with the four directions. ‘The four directions’ is both a reading book and a workbook that not only gives the reader theoretical insight, but with its many practical exercises and rituals makes the wheel come to life through experience. With great respect for the traditions and rooted in practice, ‘The Four Directions’ in many translations has become an indispensable book internationally for any student of shamanism wishing to familiarize themselves with the wheel.

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Daan van Kampenhout


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De vier richtingen - een sjamanistische visieDe vier richtingen een sjamanistische visie

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