De Tastbare DDR Een andere blik op Oost-Duitsland


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The Tangible DDR is about a country that no longer exists as an independent political and political unit: the Deutsche Demokratische Republik. The book is published on the occasion of the exhibition of the same name in the Museum of the 20th Century in Hoorn.

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Museum van de 20e Eeuw

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Museum van de 20e Eeuw

Friso de Zeeuw talks about East German reality in the period 1945-1990, based on objects and documents from the DDR Museum in the Netherlands. The colorful result is at odds with the gray veil that usually covers the GDR in superficial reflections.

De Zeeuw shows how people ‘know how to make something of it’, often improvising and with irony. And that despite the ubiquitous communist dictatorship with its tentacles in all parts of organized society, including the Stasi.

The disastrous planned economy has not prevented the industry from producing a wide range of quality products. This book shows them. Unfortunately, most of them did not survive the German reunification.

The book has a perfect balance because it always places Ostalgie in the context of the social and political reality of the time. The pleasant writing style, the thematic structure and the numerous, appealing illustrations also make this book suitable for educational purposes.



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Publication date

March 2019


Friso De Zeeuw


30 x 21 x 1 cm


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