De strijd om Bali
Imperialisme, verzet en onafhankelijkheid 1846-1950


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A staggering and penetrating history of decolonization.

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Indonesia’s independence is irreversible, the Republic of Indonesia is a fact. In 1946 the Netherlands occupied Bali and the state of East Indonesia was established there. This state must become a model of democracy, but the authority immediately enforces the loyalty of the people ruthlessly.

The battle for Bali is a history of the unprecedented fierce guerrilla war that flared up on the island just after the Second World War. A shocking story about oppression, resistance, friendship and betrayal that is inextricably linked to the imperial past, but also to the core of Dutch decolonization policy.

On the basis of more than 120 interviews in Bali and in the Netherlands, extensive archival research, letters and memoirs, Anne-Lot Hoek penetrates the capillaries of the colonial system. She presents a layered and innovative image of a cruel struggle for independence.

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Anne-Lot Hoek


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November 2021


De Bezige Bij


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Imperialisme, verzet en onafhankelijkheid 1846-1950

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