De reis van Syntax Bosselman Verhalen over slavernij


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Why did the Netherlands participate in the slave trade? And how do we deal with this ugly piece of our history that can no longer be erased? Arend van Dam decided to look for answers to these difficult questions.

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Arend van Dam wrote down the historical stories he came across during his search. About enslaved and slave traders, about heroes and villains. And about Syntax Bosselman, who was brought from Suriname to the Netherlands in 1883 together with 27 compatriots for the World Exhibition. Not as a guest of honour, as promised, but to exhibit it to the Dutch public.

With The Journey of Syntax Bosselman, Arend van Dam not only wrote a book full of impressive history stories, he also reports on his very personal search for the people behind history.

“This part of our colonial past could not have been packaged in a better way.” Silver Granger jury report 2019

‘A wise and at times impressive children’s book about a sensitive subject that everyone should read.’ de Volkskrant ****

Van Dam’s endeavor to describe the history of slavery in all its facets yields interesting passages.’ Fidelity

  • Surprising combination of facts and fiction: in addition to history stories, Van Dam also reports on how he went about writing the book.
  • Beautifully designed with illustrations by Alex de Wolf and historical photo material.
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Februari 2018



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De reis van Syntax BosselmanDe reis van Syntax Bosselman Verhalen over slavernij

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