David Lynch Signature Cup – Organic House (beans)


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‘I drink coffee when I work. Not only is the flavor great, but I like to think there’s good ideas in every bag.’ – David Lynch

Taste: cocoa, clear, hazelnut. Origin: Mexico

What keeps the creator of Blue Velvet, Mulholland Drive and Twin Peaks  going? The answer is simple: coffee. And not in small amounts.

Filmmaker, visual artist and American Icon David Lynch boosts himself with about ten cups of coffee a day. It goes without saying that you then opt for good, responsible coffee, especially if that coffee will bear your name.

Lynch was looking for a high quality, organically grown coffee with great taste. After tasting hundreds of varieties, he found his dream coffee at an eco-friendly, sustainable, and local Colorado coffee company that trades coffee around the world.

The David Lynch Signature Cup – Organic House is a unique coffee blend made from organically grown and fair trade traded Mexican coffee beans. The coffee is packed and labeled by hand. Like David Lynch, you’ll find a good idea in any suit.

Eye imports the coffee directly from the roasters, Allegro Beans, Colorado, USA


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