Leather tie, Reservoir Dogs (agnès b.)


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The French designer agnès b. has been a well-known name for outfit directors like David Lynch and actors like John Travolta in films like Pulp Fiction. Then, one day Quentin Tarantino came wandering into her Los Angeles store and went on a shopping spree for suits for Steve Buscemi in Reservoir Dogs.


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Quentin Tarentino introduced the trope of the “pretty gangster” to the world; men in black suits, with white shirts and black ties, as seen in the movie Reservoir dogs. This became an iconic image in the 1990s.

The tight black suit – a homage by Tarantino to the French Nouvelle Vague cinema – represents the anonymity of the gangsters. Harvey Keitel’s suit was designed by agnès b.

Ever since the release of Reservoir Dogs, these kinds of suits in cinema represent bad men and corruption.

Reservoir Dogs, 1992.
Director Quentin Tarantino, with Harvey Keitel, Michael Madsen, Tim Roth.


agnès b.






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