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This richly illustrated publication contains texts by Chantal Akerman herself, supplemented with essays by Cyril Béghin, Dana Linssen and Roos van der Lint. Cyril Béghin introduces the oeuvre and describes the historical tensions in the work, rooted in the personal family traumas from the Second World War and Akerman’s own way of being free from any kind of connectedness. Dana Linssen’s contribution consists of a philosophical essay about the concept of time in Akerman’s work and that of other filmmakers and artists. Finally, Roos van der Lint zooms in on the spatial installations.

This publication is an important overview of Chantal Akerman’s (1950-2015) spatial works of art and a monument for the iconic film director and visual artist (1950-2015) and her cinematographic homage to the intensity of daily life.

Edited by: Jaap Guldemond and Marente Bloemheuvel.
Design: Joseph Plateau
Publisher: nai010, EYE Filmmuseum
ISBN 9789462085503
Language: English
160 pages
March 2020

This publication was accompanied by the exhibition Chantal Akerman, Passages ( May-Sep 2020, Eye Filmmuseum).

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