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Cao Guimarães (Brasil, 1965) navigates between feature film production and spatial film installations in museums. He has a keen eye for small occurrences, objects, colours and sounds that one normally doesn’t notice. The power of Guimarães lies in revealing the casual poetry in the ordinary. His films are populated by minuscule insects, soap bubbles, raindrops, petals falling on the ground, footprints, bits of fluff floating in the air. He is drawn to those very places where people live but are often overlooked, people who avoid the predictably structured lives we are expected to live in a modern capitalist society.

This publication shows works that sing the praises of the individuality and specificity of particular places.

Edited by Jaap Guldemond and Marente Bloemheuvel
Graphic design: Irma Boom
Publisher: nai010, EYE Filmmuseum
ISBN: 978-94-6208-416-2
Language: English
96 Pages
Sep 29, 2017

This publication accompanied the exhibition Locus: Apichatpong Weerasethakul–Cao Guimarães (16 Sept to 3 Dec 2017, Eye Filmmuseum)
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Consuelo Lins, Jaap Guldemond

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