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Canvas bag Bloemstilleven


Dordrechts MuseumShop Collection | Bag (detail) ‘Bloemstilleven’ | Gift 1850 

The print on this canvas bag features a print based on the work ‘Bloemstilleven’ by Pieter Hofman. It is exclusively designed for the Dordrechts Museum. Size: 34 x 24 cm

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About Pieter Hofman

Pieter Hofman was born on August 31, 1755 in Dordrecht. He was a Dutch artist known for his still life paintings, particularly his floral compositions.

Hofman’s works demonstrated a keen attention to detail and a mastery of capturing the delicate beauty of flowers. His paintings often featured carefully arranged bouquets with a focus on capturing the nuances of color, texture, and light. Through his skillful brushwork, he was able to create vivid and realistic representations of the natural world.

While specific details about his life and career may vary, Pieter Hofman’s contributions to the art world have left a lasting impact. His still life paintings continue to be appreciated for their artistic merit and the timeless beauty they convey.

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Canvas bag Bloemstilleven

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