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The opening of Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen with its striking reflective façade is the inspiration for the theme of the 2022 diary: the mirror in art.

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The mirror is a subject with a long tradition in art history. Art and design mirror mankind, the world and reality by representing them in images. Mirrors are objects in which we see ourselves, either in passing or purposefully. Countless artists and designers have investigated the reflective quality of glass, water, metals, foils and plastics. They all reflect in different ways, ranging from sharp focus to extreme distortion.

Mirrors are featured in works in the collection in numerous different forms. There are real mirrors, such as Knobble by designer Dick van Hoff, and a mirrored room by Yayoi Kusama. There are paintings of figures looking at themselves in mirrors by painters such as Gerard Dou, George Hendrik Breitner, Théo van Rysselberghe and Pablo Picasso. There are anonymous mirror boxes from the fifteenth century, Peter Paul Rubens’ interpretation of Narcissus falling in love with his own reflection, and a silver shopping bag by Susan Bijl. In M.C. Escher’s hand, a reflective sphere distorts reality. Surrealist artists such as Salvador Dalí and René Magritte provide unexpected reflections that make us look at ourselves differently. And Olafur Eliasson has turned the reflective quality of water into a spectacular experience. This selection from the museum’s collection presents mirrors of all shapes and sizes, from David Claerbout’s monumental reflective windows to Carel Blotkamp’s tiny sequins.

The 74th diary offers us the opportunity to look in the mirror through works of art and ask ourselves whether we are still in balance. In this way, art is ultimately a mirror of the soul.


  • spiral bound
  • Weekly overview on 1 page
  • Equipped with week numbers
  • Annual overview of 2022 included
  • Includes 53 different images
  • 6 pages for addresses
  • Space for notes
Binding method

Ring binder


Dutch, English


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