Ben jij een impressionist? Lees- en schilderboek


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(Dutch edition)

Relaxing a bit by taking a walk or having a picnic in the park, that’s what this book is about. Then you will automatically see things, such as the shapes of the clouds, the colors of the trees or how the sunlight reflects in the water. Perhaps a beautiful bird will fly by that you want to photograph or paint. 

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In the 19th century there was a group of artists who used their immediate environment as a subject for their painting. These were the Impressionists. And why shouldn’t we do that now? Just looking around and painting is timeless! Read and walk along in this book.

In the back are drawing and painting assignments. Who knows, you might be an impressionist!

Ceciel de Bie writes and illustrates art books for children, including for the Van Gogh Museum, the Getty Museum in Los Angeles and the Museum of Modern Art in New York. She previously wrote Henri Matisse’s Red Paint Strokes for the Hermitage Amsterdam. Drawing and painting book. In 2011 she received for the book Ink: become a drawing talent! a Flag and Pennant.

Age group

10-13 years

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Ceciel de Bie







Publication date

June 2012


De Nieuwe Kerk/Hermitage Amsterdam


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