Body scrub towel – Awawa | Set of two


This Japanese washcloth is designed by Mujun, a Japanese design and craft collective. This set contains both a white and grey scrub towel.

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Awawa is a Japanese washcloth for your body. Japan has a rich culture of bathing; therefore, countless bathing tools such as washcloths have evolved. The rough surface of this Awawa washcloth creates rich and creamy awa, or foam, which gently massages your skin and washes away dirt and old skin cells. After using, drain the washcloth by squeezing and hang it to dry. It dries much quicker than regular washcloths and stays hygienic for a long time.

Mujun is a design and craft collective living and working in rural Japan. Here, a traditional craft industry still exists. They started off as a team of designers and young craftsmen who specialize in knifemaking, while also working closely with local artisans across Japan. The artisans they work with are veterans of their craft, putting their head and heart into each piece they create. They see crafts and craftmaking as an essential part of culture. They strive to produce sustainable goods that suit the local environment and lifestyle. Mujun  aspires to bring this traditional Japanese craftsmanship to contemporary consumers around the world.

Next to this Awawa washcloth, Mujun has also designed a fuji knife, suri plate and suri bowl for the Tropenmuseum shop.

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Body scrub towel – Awawa | Set of twoBody scrub towel – Awawa | Set of two

Availability: Only 3 left in stock

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