Angisa Tori The Secret Code of Surinamese Headkerchiefs


This illustrated book describes the history of the traditional costume of the Afro-Surinamese woman. The book contains various descriptions and illustrations of the angisa (headscarf), which is the most important part of the Creole traditional costume for women. There are many stories and wisdom associated with this garment, which are recorded in this book.

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Angisa Tori is Christine van Russel-Henar’s way to honor Afro-Surinamese women and their creativity.

This lavishly illustrated book takes its readers to a world unknown to most; it is a very dynamic world in which the only authentic Surinamese outfit – the angisa – tells a wealth of stories about traditions and wisdom. In the culture of the Surinamese Creole the angisa is the most important part of a woman’s outfit. The many different methods of folding and tying allow the wearer to signal whether she wants to pick a quarrel, or invites a secret lover, or sends some other message. Furthermore, the angisa has another unique function: it marks historic events.

The cultural heritage, as it is now recorded at the beginning of the twenty-first century, is a treasury for present and future generations. Angisa Tori is a beatiful book for browsing, but at the same time it offers an opportunity to follow the cultural dynamics in the course of time.

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Christine van Russel-Henar

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27 x 23 x 1,5 cm






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