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Based on conversations about how history lives on in the present and about what should not be forgotten at this time, various elements have been brought together by designer Cheyenne Nelson on this angisa cloth.

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This new angisa was released by Tailors & Wearers in collaboration with Jane Stjeward-Schubert, Selita Klas, Astrid Zweevel, Hellen Vreugd, Siglien Wijntuin, Marie Renfurm and Ifna Blijd. Based on conversations about how history lives on in the present and about what, according to them, should not be forgotten at this time, in the city of Rotterdam, they determined the various elements together. Designer Cheyenne Nelson then designed the cloth. Do you know the history behind the different images?

Weight0,133 kg
Dimensions17 × 14 × 2 cm





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