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The artist publication Angels of Amsterdam was developed together with the virtual-reality-experience with the same name (Anna Abrahams & Avinash Changa, 2021). It is based on the true stories of four 17th century women: Maritgen Jans, Juliana, Elsje Christiaens and Pussy Sweet. They were four fierce angels who were not getting their fair share of the Golden Age’s gold and took their destiny in their own hands.

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The handmade box contains:

  • link to VR-experience Angels of Amsterdam,
  • portrait prints of Angels of Amsterdam’s four main characters,
  • a paper doll of protagonist Maritgen Jans, and
  • two illustrated booklets about the real history connected to the work written by Anna Abrahams.

Dimensions: 38 x 30 cm.
Weight: 700 gram.

Angels of Amsterdam is a fully immersive VR experience about 17-Century Amsterdam and the struggle for women’s rights. It will be screened at the Venice Film Festival from 1 to 11 September. The VR experience is accompanied by this artist publication of the same title. This gift box, featuring writing and art, is made in a limited edition of 30 and signed by artist Coos Dieters.

Angels of Amsterdam

You can almost smell the ripe plums that are laid out on this seventeenth-century bar, almost feel the sea breeze brushing through your hair. The VR experience of Angels of Amsterdam is so lifelike that all your senses are involved. The artists, Anna Abrahams and Avinash Changa, set the goal to bring this work as close to reality as possible, because its theme – the struggle for women’s rights – is still a reality today.

In 15 to 30 minutes you meet the four young, fearless protagonists, who, each for their own reason, seek solace in an Amsterdam cafe. Maritgen Jans goes through life as David the seaman; Juliana dances and fights to redeem herself from the man who considers her his poperty; Elsje Christiaens is on the run from poverty and Soete Cut (“Pussy Sweet”) works as a prostitute. These four true stories demonstrate how issues that we sometimes deem contemporary – LGBT, racism, migration, sex work – are, in fact, timeless.

Angels of Amsterdam (Anna Abrahams, Avinash Changa, 2021) can be seen its the uncut version at the Palazzo del Cinema on the Lido of Venice (1-11 September), in Eye Filmmuseum (1-12 September), at 12 international locations (1-19 September) and during the Dutch Film Festival (24 September – 2 October). An edited version can be seen online, in which the characters Soete Cut and Maritgen Jans cannot be activated (September 1-19).

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Dimensions38 × 30 × 5 cm


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