Amulet Häre (frog) | Nanai Siberia


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The Nanai believe frogs underwater can travel to the underworld, mainly to support the health and constitution of women.

This amulet stands for bravery, femininity and health.

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Artist Anatol Donkan belongs to the Nanai people from Southeast Siberia. He has mastered the old techniques of his people and the exhibition Healing Power includes a spectacular Shaman coat, designed exclusively for the Tropenmuseum.

Donkan also designed these amulets, exclusively for sale in the museum shop. The amulets are made of vegetable tanned salmon leather and hand sewn by a retiree in St. Petersburg.

Warning: as this is a handmade product, colour and size may slightly differ from the picture.




Salmon leather


10×8,5×0,5 cm


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