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This 3-piece accessory set includes a pocket mirror, a cleaning cloth and case for your (sun)glasses. The set is exclusively made for the museum shop of Museum Volkenkunde, where the exhibition Aztecs – the people behind the myths will be opening on August 6.

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10% of the revenue of this accessory set will be donated to the project Nchivi Ñuu Savi ‘Gente del Pueblo de la Lluvia’. Operating in the Mixtec area of Oaxaca, México, this collective is in charge of organizing workshops to share the Mixtec language and culture with the local community. In this way, the collective aims to contribute to the ongoing survival and revitalisation of the Mixtec culture among young people.

You can find more information on the collective’s Facebook page.

The exhibition

This accessory set was designed for the exhibition Aztecs at Museum Volkenkunde. This major exhibition features life-sized warriors carved from stone, mythical human-animal figures, intricate gold jewellery, fascinating drawings and a full-size 3D print of the calendar stone. Unique stories bring these artefacts to life.

Aztecs is fully based on academic research and facts. There are many stories about the Aztecs that have no basis in fact. We now know much more about the daily lives of normal Aztecs, including their childhood, education and trade links. This exhibition at Museum Volkenkunde will put the Aztec culture in a new light. It shows the people behind the myth, and the artists behind the art.

In 2021 more than a million Mexican people still speak Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs. The exhibition will also introduce you to their modern descendants.

Aztecs is an international collaboration that involves several organisations. These include the Museo Nacional de Antropología in México City. As a result, it will feature a large number of intriguing pieces from the Museo. Some of these are on display outside of Mexico for the very first time.

The museum shop also offers a coaster set and a stationery set with this design.

Read more about the exhibition at the website of Museum Volkenkunde.




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