Aangeraakt door een nieuw licht
Alida Pott & De Ploeg


One woman belonged to the leading group of art circle De Ploeg, which caused a revolution in art in Groningen in the 1920s: Alida Pott (1888-1931). Her work immediately caught the eye, especially because of the remarkably bright use of colour.

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Alida Pott was very active within De Ploeg for several years and held various management positions. Due to her untimely death, however, her work disappeared from attention for a long time, often nothing of her was shown at De Ploeg retrospectives. In 2018, the 100th anniversary of De Ploeg will be commemorated. Alida Pott’s work will then certainly be represented in the major De Ploeg retrospective (with accompanying publication) organized by the Groninger Museum. This is an excellent opportunity to finally put the spotlight on the work of Alida Pott, which is unknown to many people, with a separate publication. The landscapes and portraits from her oeuvre in particular still impress. Touched by a new light will contain many images of her special work. The accompanying text will focus on the course of her artistic career, her role within De Ploeg and the collaboration with her husband George Martens, especially in the field of applied art. Her marriage to this bon vivant by De Ploeg also adds a romantic aspect to her story. Thanks to letters, minutes from the art circle and the testimonies of contemporaries, a good picture of her independent spirit and idiosyncratic views can be given.

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Alida Pott & De Ploeg

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Aangeraakt door een nieuw licht | Alida Pott & De PloegAangeraakt door een nieuw licht
Alida Pott & De Ploeg

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