The lust to travel, the lust to wander and the lust to discover: Wanderlust. In the 19th century, Dutch artists traveled the world for this purpose. In this exhibition you can travel, discover and recognize Dutch artists. Are you wandering?

Nineteenth-century Dutch painting is loved because of the beautiful depiction of our country. Less well-known is that many painters liked to travel abroad, and that they traveled much more than expected. This exhibition follows Dutch artists on their path: a century of exploration of the world beyond our national borders. This long-awaited exhibition shows more than 100 works by famous artists such as Abraham Teerlink, Antoine Sminck Pitloo and Jozef August Knip, but also forgotten artists such as Raden Saleh, Elisabeth Koning and Betzy Berg are given a special place.

Wanderlust can be seen in the Drodrechts Museum from June 19, 2022 to January 8, 2023

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