Trembling Landscapes

Landscape is a charged notion in the Middle East.* On the one hand, representations of landscape engage with a heady mix of national and natural borders, tussles over resources and territory, and (colonial) history. On the other hand, it is a rich source of identity, tradition and imagination. Eye presents a group exhibition that explores landscape with some of the Arab world’s most prominent artists who work with film and video. The artists relate to landscape in various ways. They do not shy away from interrogating how beauty, folklore, ideology, colonialism and violence are ingrained in how landscape is understood, conceptualised, visualised and imagined.

Trembling Landscapes can be visited at Eye Filmmuseum from 19 September 2020 through 3 January 2021.

*The geographical term Middle East is not neutral, but Eurocentric and has its origin in colonialism.

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