Boris van Berkum

Boris van Berkum (1968) is a Neo-artist. He fuses styles and forms of various periods, cultures and religions in his art. Van Berkum works in ceramic and bronze, epoxy-paste and even fondant icing. Van Berkum is currently working on a programme “Neo Afro,Winti 3D” where he assists Winti priestess Marian Markelo to revive and introduce mask-dancing and the use of sculpture in the Winti religion and ritual.

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Twelve years ago, Winti priestess Marian Markelo and artist Boris van Berkum met. At the recommendation of her ancestor, Marian Markelo commissioned Boris van Berkum to develop and produce a new art collection in order to revive the African image tradition in Afro-Surinamese culture and to manifest Winti culture in the Netherlands. Kabra Blauw brings together two ancestor traditions in one showpiece: the Afro-Surinamese Kabra ancestor culture and the traditional Dutch Delft Blue.

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