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Susan Bijl is born in 1975 in Zoetermeer. As a child she wanted as little stuff as possible and when cleaning up her room she often threw away too much. At the age of 14 she moved to Rotterdam. After high school she went to the Willem de Kooning academy.

In 2000 she designed the first New Shopping Bag. She wanted to design a bag that would reduce the plastic problem, that you could do your shopping with and that was also beautiful. The bag is also designed with the philosophy: Less is more. Susan Bijl wanted a simple bag that you could recognize immediately so she created the slash in the middle with a different color. The material Ripstop nylon is durable and strong and is also used for parachutes. Nowadays Susan Bijl sells several types of bags and pouches.

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Susan Bijl designed a bag for Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen as an ode to the iconic art depot. The silver and gray bag made of recycled nylon, called: 'The New Shopping Bag Mirror & Agaat' (2020), now also called the 'depot bag', reflects the light just like the mirrors and the color of the actual building. The bag was for sale during the Zilveren Opening, the construction preview of the depot, last September. After the great success, a new edition follows. The shopping bag is an iconic Rotterdam design, the first version of which was designed in 2000. Since then, five different versions have been made, eventually leading to the bag, which is also available in silver. The five prototypes will soon be included in the museum's collection and are a gift. This gives the design a place alongside designs by many other Rotterdam designers and design agencies, such as the chairs by Bertjan Pot and the lamps and vases by Studio Wieki Somers and Hella Jongerius. The prototypes will be placed in the plastic compartment of Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen, where they will be kept, cared for and displayed alongside the other more than 151,000 art objects.

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