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David Lynch coffee for the movie enthusiast, a tea light holder with movie scenes from 1912 and jewellery with a movie theme have recently become available on the new website

The Amsterdam film museum Eye thus kicks off this new web store in which other Dutch museums will soon be taking part. Online sales of the often unique and educational products in museum shops are often not high on the priority list of museums, which mainly focus on their core task: managing the collection. But just now a webshop can mean extra income.

david lynch dishcloth

The Eye museum store was named one of the 10 best museum shops in the world by The Guardian in 2015, but the store did not have a webshop. Until now. All kinds of Eye products, such as t-shirts, jewellery and books with a link to the film world, are available at

One of the highlights is one is a personal coffee blend from film director David Lynch (Twin Peaks, Lost Highway, Mulholland Drive), which is now available online for the first time in Europe. Lynch is an avid coffee drinker, he drinks 10 a day: ‘Just bad coffee is better than no coffee at all’, is his moto. Without coffee, no film:

‘I drink coffee when I work. Not only is the flavor great, but I like to think there’s good ideas in every bag. ‘

He has tasted hundreds of varieties for his own two blends, Espresso and House blend, of organically grown coffee to which he wanted to give his confidence and name. In search of high quality and great taste, he eventually found his dream coffee with an environmentally friendly, sustainable and local coffee company Allegro Coffee Company that trades coffee all over the world. The beans come from the rugged Sierra Madres from Oaxaca, Mexico.

With the Eye offer, DMGS is now open. By offering products from all museums under one roof, the museum shops have an opportunity to attract more visitors through economies of scale and joint marketing. Both Dutch enthusiasts and foreign tourists can go there.
The Rijksmuseum will also soon be offering products at the Dutch museum gift shop.

“In addition to selling through its own webshop, the Rijksmuseum will also offer a selection of its products through the Dutch museum gift shop, in order to bring even more people into contact with its collection and the unique and special products inspired by it”,

Philine Hofman, Head of Retail & Merchandising Rijksmuseum.

Initiator of is Jitske Naberman, owner of online marketing agency HoneyDew.

‘In 2019 I worked as a web shop coordinator for the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. I found out that many museums have no or no good webshop. In collaboration with the Rijksmuseum and Eye museum, I started DMGS, a platform for museums. ‘


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