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December 15, 2020

Dutch Museum Gift Shop, where items from the Rijksmuseum, Eye film museum and the Tropenmuseum, among others, are for sale, has received the Thuiswinkel Waarborg certification since this week.

In order to serve our customers even better, we submitted an application last month to be allowed to place the certificate. Dutch Museum Gift Shop is innovative, entrepreneurial and wants to support the cultural sector, which has been badly affected by COVID-19. By showing the Thuiswinkel Waarborg you show the consumer that they can shop safely with you. We had to meet a number of legal, security and financial requirements. After a check by, we got the green light this week. For customers, this means that they can pay securely, have 14 days to consider and can call in an independent disputes committee if something goes wrong.

91% of online shoppers know what the Thuiswinkel Waarborg is and two thirds think that the presence of the Thuiswinkel Waarborg logo makes the webshop more reliable. Thuiswinkel Waarborg is therefore the hallmark of quality for online shopping. More than 2,200 online stores are now connected, including, Coolblue and Wehkamp. The quality mark is supported by the Consumers’ Association.

The aim of DMGS is to sell and promote articles from Dutch museums in order to support cultural heritage and to give museums an independent source of income. Especially now, with the stricter measures requiring the museums to close again, it is extra important to have a shop online.
By purchasing an article through DMGS you show as a consumer that you have a warm heart for the cultural sector. We have orders from Hong Kong, South Korea and Australia, among others. One of our best selling products is the David Lynch coffee. David Lynch is a well-known American director with a love for coffee, he will soon release a Netflix movie. The Delft blue tulip vase from the Rijksmuseum is also a bestseller. We also offer a wide range of products from the museum shops of the participating museums, such as catalogs, scarves and toys.

Six museums have now joined DMGS, namely the Rijksmuseum, Eye film museum, the Tropenmuseum, the Jewish Cultural Quarter, the Kunsthal and the Maritime museum. Three other museums want to join. In the future, we also want to give museums abroad the opportunity to sell articles online.

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