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Deze prachtige meditatiekussens zijn handgemaakt in Nepal en zijn perfect voor elke yoga- en meditatieroutine. Verkrijgbaar in 2 kleuren.

De kussens zijn verkrijgbaar in twee designs.

Flower Of Life
Flower Of Life

Elk meditatiekussen is gemaakt van handgesponnen katoen en versierd met een Merkaba of Flower of Life print. The cushions feature a sturdy hold, so you can take it anywhere you want, as well as an extra inside cushion, which makes it possible to wash the outer cushion when you need to.

The outer layer of these cushions is produced in workshops in Nepal. Here, the cotton is hand-spun and hand-woven, after which it is transported to a sewing workshop, where the patterns for the cushion are cut. After this, they move on to a block printing studio, in which the decorations are stamped onto the fabric using textile paint and handmade stamps. Finally, the cushions are stitched together at the sewing workshops.

The majority of people employed in these workshops are women – even though textile making traditionally used to be men’s work. Working in the workshops allows these women to earn their own livelihood. The sewing workshop also employs a number of deaf women who experienced difficulties finding a job. All women are trained at the workshops and can therefore continue to grow in their craft.

After the cushions are shipped to the Netherlands, they are filled with buckwheat hulls. The buckwheat is grown in Poland, while the filling is done in the Netherlands at a social enterprise that employs people with a distance to the labour market.


Merkaba, Flower Of Life


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