Found Footage Magazine – Issue #1 – 2015 EDITION


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Found Footage Magazine is a printed film journal devoted to the reuse and repurposing of extant media in moving image art. It offers theoretical, analytical and informative content that hinges on the use of archival images in media production practices.

Among other contents, it includes a dossier on Bill Morrison

Collaborators Issue #1: Adrian Danks, Alan Berliner, Albert Alcoz, Alberto Cabrera Bernal, Bill Morrison, Blanca Viñas, Dirk de Bruyn, Enrique Ramírez, Esther Urlus, Gustav Deutsch, Ingrid Guardiola, Jaimie Baron, Jennifer Reeves, Jonathan Palomar, Jonny Wilson (Eclectic Method), Matthew Levine, Mike Hoolboom, Óscar Testón, Péter Lichter, Rhayne Vermette, Steven Woloshen, Thomas Elsaesser.

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FFM fills the void created by the fact that there has not been, up to this time, any forum for the collection and dissemination of information, critical thinking, and discussion of found footage cinema including all its manifestations: recycled cinema, essay film, collage film, compilation film, archival cinema, mash-up…

FFM accommodates a selection of articles and sections aimed at exploring issues of ethics, politics, form and content related to the culture of recycled cinema: monographs, interdisciplinary essays, interviews and opinion pieces concerning the eclectic universe of found footage filmmaking.

Edited by: César Ustarroz

Associate Editors: Alejandro Bachmann, André Habib, Matthew Cole Levine, Anna Lima, and Scott MacDonald

ISSN: 2462-2885

Color printed


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