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Immerse yourself in the colourful world of Frida Kahlo with this search and find book and learn more about the artist’s fascinating life.

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Find Frida will get you acquainted with key details of the artist’s life. From her eccentric teenaged years and infatuation with Diego Rivera, to her dynamic arrival as an international artist, her incredible studio and house in Mexico and her deep love of Mexican culture. With twelve intricately drawn scenes, you can find Frida, among other places, at home with Diego Rivera, among a bustling Day of the Dead scene and at her Paris gallery opening. Find Frida not only features the iconic and flamboyant artist but is populated with a huge cast of over 200 extras for you to spot – including artists, filmmakers, writers and photographers. This allows the book to tell you the complete story of Kahlo’s life and her huge cultural influence.

Viva la Frida!

The Viva la Frida! exhibition will present a unique combination of Kahlo’s art and personal objects, for which the Drents Museum is working together with Museo Dolores Olmedo and Museo Frida Kahlo (formerly the Casa Azul or the Blue House) in Mexico City. A few works borrowed from other collections will complete Viva la Frida.

Mexican artist Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) is without doubt one of the best-known and most popular artists in the world. Her impressive works of art, turbulent life and unusual lifestyle turned her into a global icon and a cult figure. A devastating bus crash resulted in her suffering great pain and having to undergo numerous operations throughout her life. Her great love for art, her husband (artist Diego Rivera), and Mexico and its Indigenous culture gave her the strength to carry on. She painted self-portraits interwoven with symbolism reflecting her private life. Many of her works were inspired by her tempestuous relationship with Rivera and her body. She broke all the taboos of her time and became a cult figure. Her art and lifestyle have inspired many other artists.

The exhibition will be on at the Drents Museum from 8 October 2021 to 27 March 2022.



Catherine Ingram




Laura Callaghan



Publication date

August 2020


Orion Publishing Co


32,9 x 24,8 x 1,1 cm


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