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Cocktails of the Movies takes you on a journey through Hollywood’s lifelong love affair with cocktails.

You’ll never be stuck for something to drink, and watch, ever again.

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Cocktails of the Movies celebrates the greatest movie characters and their iconic drinks through original illustrations and easy-to-follow recipes. From Marilyn’s Manhattan in Some Like It Hot to The Dude’s White Russian in The Big Lebowski! Each cocktail is accompanied by an easy-to-follow recipe, method, a history of the drink and a synopsis of its scene in the movie alongside full-color original artwork.

Whether you’re a seasoned mixologist or don’t even know where to begin, there’s something for you to discover in this book. Learn how to stock a home bar and get informed on the rich history of each of the 64 cocktails featured. This book will be your companion to the two finest pleasures in life. You’ll become an aficionado of fine drinks whilst discovering the best classics of the silver screen.

Cocktails of the Movies is authored by Will Francis, a writer and commentator on (digital culture). With his passion for mixology, you know you are in good hands! The book comes in a premium hardback edition and features beautiful illustrations by Stacey Marsh.


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February 2021




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