Nature calls

Nature as inspiration

Author: Maureen Steenks

Nature has always been an inspiration for artists. Plants, flowers, flora, fauna, animals and colors. They were and are captured by our grandmasters then and now. For example in prints, canvases and ceramics. Nowadays you can find nature-inspired prints and works by artists in more places than just museums. In fact, you can even get them at home! The Dordrechts Museum, Naturalis and the Rijksmuseum, for example, have unique and special products in their museum shop collections, inspired by and on nature. Dutch Museum Gift Shop is a unique gathering place of the most beautiful items from various museum shops and sells a number of these must-haves for real nature lovers.


The special design of the hand-painted ‘Flowerbrick’ is inspired by the Flower Holder, Faience style, made in Pottery ‘De groenche A’, Delft 1690-1700. The vase has a pagoda shape and 17th-century Delft blue decorations. Each vase is unique, hand painted and crafted in fine porcelain. Available through the Rijksmuseum’s online museum shop and through the Dutch Museum Gift Shop.

From the archive

Naturalis asked the well-known Dutch industrial designer Tord Boontje to create a collection of almost 100 panels. These panels are, as it were, small nature stories and can be found in various places in the museum in Leiden. The panels are a mix of collages in which photos, archival drawings and new drawings by Naturalis are mixed. Tord Boontje’s work can also be found on Naturalis cards, magnets and notebooks that are available in the museum shop and via the Dutch Museum Gift Shop.

At the table

Breakfast, lunch or dinner with these beautiful plates with floral print from the Rijksmuseum. Available through the Rijksmuseum’s online museum shop.

The Tulip

Kitchen towel with the tulip by the German painter Jacob Marrel. Marrell (1614 – 1681) was a painter who worked in Utrecht. He painted flower and fruit still lifes. The kitchen goal is made of 100% cotton and designed for the Rijksmuseum. Available through the Rijksmuseum’s online museum shop.


High Society

Artist Jan Sluijters was a real society painter, he painted numerous prominent compatriots on commission. In addition to his portraits, he painted fairly realistic landscapes and nature with bright colors. Such as his well-known work ‘Vase with peonies’ from 1912. This work was used as inspiration for a collection of the Dordrechts Museum.

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