Sigalit Landau
Between Worlds

December 3, 2021 until March 27, 2022
Jewish Museum

The Dead Sea in Israel is so salty you can float in it. The internationally renowned Israeli artist Sigalit Landau (Jerusalem, 1969) frequently works in and around this lake. Her spectacular salt sculptures are known worldwide and are now being shown for the first time in the Netherlands in this retrospective. The exhibition also includes several of Landau’s video installations.

The exhibition features artworks that have a direct relationship to the Dead Sea. By submerging objects in the lake’s extremely salty water, sometimes for months, they become covered with salt crystals. An ordinary shoe, a bundle of barbed wire, a fishing net or a dress emerge from the lake transformed. 

Due to its extreme salinity, the Dead Sea cannot support life, but it is said that the water has healing, magical and transformative powers. It is a politically charged place because of its location in the border zone between Jordan and Israel. And it is environmentally charged because of the rapid rate at which the water is evaporating, causing the lake to shrink.

Salt Years by Sigalit Landau

Catalogue for the exhibition “Between Worlds” by the Israeli artist Sigalit Landau at the Jewish Museum.

Landau makes incredible salt sculptures in and around the Dead Sea.

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