Rattles! Rattles! Rattles!

The curious collection of Heinz Keijzer
December 17, 2021 until June 6, 2022

Joods Museum

What moves someone to dedicate his life to collecting hundreds of rattles?

Before the war, Heinz Keijser led a full, active and creative life, surrounded by artists, photographers and theater makers. After the war there is little left of it. The constant fleeing, going into hiding and the loss of loved ones has traumatized him. The search for a miniature rattle gives him new fulfillment in life.

In 1947 Keijser buys a miniature rattle for his pregnant wife Eva Loeb. When the baby is born lifeless, Heinz gives the rattle away, much to Eva’s chagrin. He is looking for the same copy. This search for one rattle eventually leads to a unique collection of 900 rattles from all times and corners of the world, ranging from precious ones made of gold and silver to rattles made of bone, wood and plastic.

Collecting gives Heinz something to hold on to in his life. His collection becomes famous and attracts visitors from all over the world. So far he still fulfills the deep wish to give meaning and meaning to his existence after the Holocaust.

More info on the exhibition ‘Rattles! Rattles! Rattles!’ (in dutch only).

Catalogue Rammelaars en Rinkelbellen

This is the catalogue accompanying the exhibition of the same name in the Jewish Museum Amsterdam. In 10 essays the book describes the art and cultural-historical developments and the versatile (also magical) aspects of the rattle. The 50 most beautiful specimens from the collection are shown and described

(Only available in Dutch)

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