How do I return my items?

Free in most cases. And as easily as possible. We would like to receive a message so that we can pay you back quickly. That is why every return starts in your account : Log in, go to your order and report your item back. You will see how you return the package for free. We will collect large and heavy items from you.


  • Save your shipping receipt or email. This allows us to track your shipment if something goes wrong.
  • Multiple articles returned? Check in your account all items you want to return. Are all items from the same seller? Then everything is possible in 1 box, nice and efficient. Multiple return addresses? Then register each item separately and send them separately in a separate box, each with its own shipping label.
  • Does it not fit in 1 box? No problem. Include the address and return number on each box and we will match them in our warehouse.
  • It is not possible to report more than 10 items in 1x return.
  • You can also return using the model withdrawal form.