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For a long time the Hermitage Amsterdam has distanced itself from the political developments in Putin’s Russia. After all, politics focuses on the reality of daily life, while their focus is on art treasures and movements that span centuries. The ties they had carefully built with the State Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg gave them access to one of the world’s most famous art collections, which they could draw from for their exhibitions. Russia’s recent attack on Ukraine makes keeping this distance no longer tenable. The Board and directors of Hermitage Amsterdam therefore have decided to cut ties with the State Hermitage Museum.

Hermitage Amsterdam

It is with difficulty that the supervisors, directors, management and employees of the Hermitage Amsterdam break ties with the Hermitage Saint Petersburg. Over the past decades, the collaborations with Russian colleagues have been harmonious. Differences of opinion had always proved bridgeable. It led to beautiful, well-attended exhibitions in Amsterdam. With the invasion of the Russian army in Ukraine, a border has been crossed. War destroys everything. Even 30 years of collaboration. The Hermitage Amsterdam has no other choice. Like everyone else, they hope for peace. Also for changes in the future of Russia that will allow them to restore ties with the Hermitage Saint Petersburg.

After the museum’s break with Russia and the premature closing of the exhibition Russian avant-garde | Revolution in art, an exceptional situation arose for the museum. Dutch museums have come to their rescue, enabling them to present a new five-part series of exhibitions until the autumn. The series bears the name: Dutch Heritage Amsterdam. Because each edition focuses on one special masterpiece – from a leading Dutch collection.

The Hermitage wants to surprise you. The first edition can now be seen until Sunday 15 May. Read and click on for more information about the first masterpiece. The museum created a special online environment for the Dutch Heritage Amsterdam series.

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