Gemstone Paradise in Leiden

Author: Maureen Steenks

Gemstones, minerals or crystals. There are many names for decorative stones. Autenticity of ‘gems’ has been quite in the picture lately. But did you know that there is a real gemstone paradise in Leiden that can be visited by appointment? Anyone with questions about the nature of gemstones (real, synthetic, imitation), their origin and possible treatment, can contact the Netherlands Gemstone Laboratory, part of Naturalis Biodiversity Center. Experts test diamonds for their quality in the lab. Do you have a question about gemstones? Lab experts provide quick and professional answers to questions about your gemstones and pearls. With the large collection in the possession of the laboratory, the Netherlands Gemstone Laboratory also contributes to scientific knowledge about geology and gemstones.

Shine at home

If you are interested in our earth, nature and gemstones, a visit to the Naturalis Naturalis Biodiversity Center in Leiden is a big tip! Naturalis also sells a collection of stones, large and small, affordable and expensive, in the physical and online museum shop, which have of course been tested by the Dutch Gemstone Laboratory. For example, the Apophyllite with Stilbite from India and Chrysocolla Malachite from Congo are for sale. If you want to start a little smaller, the starting collection of decorative stones that Naturalis has already selected for you is a must-have. The Naturalis collection is also highly recommended for gifts for gemstone lovers. The book: Treasures of Nature for example is a real must-have if you are interested in gemstones. This beautiful encyclopedia answers all your questions about (gem) stones, fossils, minerals, shells and more beautiful things from mother earth. The gemstone painting by Marleen Bos is nice to give or receive. She selected thirty stones, all of a different color and from a different country. The soap bar from Nature Bar is also a nice gift, a soap in which a semi-precious stone is processed with orange and calendula.

All items are available through the physical museum shop of Naturalis in Leiden or online through the Dutch Museum Gift Shop.

Apophyllite with Stilbite India - Specimen 1

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