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Naturalis, the national research institute in the field of biodiversity, has entered into a partnership with the artist HEDOF and Pinkorangeclub.


Marilyn Monroe sang “Diamonds are a girls best friend” in the 1953 film “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”. Sean Connery also shone as James Bond in ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ from 1971. And what about Prince with ‘Diamonds and Pearls’ (1991)? The power of (precious) stones remains undiminished and is a lasting source of inspiration for many artists.


Of the thousands of minerals in the world, only a few hundred are considered gemstones. To be considered a gemstone, a stone or mineral must be hard/durable, rare and beautiful. Part of Naturalis is the Netherlands Gemstone Laboratory, the center of expertise for gemstones. The extensive collection of minerals & gemstones can be viewed in the expertise center by appointment. You can also have gemstones tested for authenticity.


HEDOF has done detailed and in-depth research in the Netherlands Gemstone Laboratory. The result is a sustainable fashion collection inspired by the minerals and precious stones from the Naturalis depot.


HEDOF is a one-man studio of contemporary illustrator Rick Berkelmans. His bright, playful illustration work has been used for advertising campaigns, art installations, murals, clothing and products for clients around the world. The designs that HEDOF has developed for Naturalis are creative, geometric shapes in bright colors that indicate the connection with nature.


The collection is sustainably produced by Pinkorangeclub. Pinkorangeclub is named after the colors of the sunset. It is a Dutch clothing brand that brings together two greatest passions: nature and art. The brand was born on the island of Vlieland, inspired by the special feeling of being in a natural isolated environment. For each new collection, they invite artists for a short residency on the island. In this natural and remote environment, the artists create a unique work of art. This forms the basis for a collection of timeless, high-quality clothing.

In addition to an extensive fashion collection, the Naturalis store has an ever-expanding range of gemstones and minerals. You can think of unique stones from North Carolina, India and Congo, the Christmas ornaments specially developed for Naturalis, or the extensive mineral collections for the novice collector.

Want to know more about gemstones? Minigids Edelstenen in vogelvlucht

Enthusiastic? Naturalis x HEDOF apperal and all other gemstone products are available in the Naturalis webshop.

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