Rembrandt and his contemporaries

history paintings from The Leiden Collection

Hermitage Amsterdam
February 4 until August 27, 2023

Admire 35 paintings from The Leiden Collection, a unique private collection from New York. The collection is named after Rembrandt’s birthplace and is representative of the work of artists born in Leiden. In addition to Rembrandt, these are works by his teacher or students. Think of Pieter Lastman, Carel Fabritius, Arent de Gelder or Godefridus Schalcken. But painters such as Jan Lievens, Gerrit Dou, Frans van Mieris and Jan Steen can also be seen, all with the connecting theme: history paintings. In the 17th century, these works were seen as the noblest, most prestigious form of painting.


The book accompanying the exhibition in Hermitage Amsterdam is unique because of its special attention to ‘history painting’, the most prestigious and most powerful genre in seventeenth-century painting. The Dutch masters can be seen here at the pinnacle of their abilities.

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