Irma Boom: Art + Books

The unbreakable bond between books and the arts

Until May 7, 2023

Every book designed by Irma Boom is unique: from one without ink to another consisting only of book covers. More than 30 of her books are on display alongside works of art from our collection – art that has inspired her and art for which she feels a strong affinity.

Art and the making of books are inextricably linked for Irma Boom. She designs books for museums and many artists. And it’s not without good reason that international clients such as fashion brand Chanel, the Art Institute of Chicago, MoMA in New York and architect Rem Koolhaas all choose to work with her. This display presents Boom’s selection of objects from the collection that relate to her work: her aluminium book Renault=Présent from 2016 stands next to Paco Rabanne’s 1967 aluminium chainmail dress, and her totally white Chanel 5 book is placed alongside Jan Schoonhoven’s white relief sculpture R70-63.

This display is a celebration of the Rijksmuseum’s more than 20-year partnership with Irma Boom. In 2012, she designed the Rijksmuseum’s logo and corporate identity. Her use of that half-space between ‘Rijks’ and ‘museum’ caused quite a commotion! Irma Boom and her office design all the Rijksmuseum’s graphic output. Boom has also designed several Rijksmuseum exhibitions, including All the Rembrandts and most recently Modern Japanese Lacquer.

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